Art Direction (Concept)

Knucks is a rapper/producer hailing from Kilburn, North West London. 


Common themes within Knucks' music include his own experiences with growing up in North London, with the title of his latest album 'London Class' signifying life in London through his own eyes.


Taking into account the lyrics, sound and the London Underground, I created a concept brand identity for the release of London Class.  


I used a colour scheme of reds and blues to symbolise the London Underground, as well as Green to represent Nigeria - in an interview with Wonderland magazine he says:


"Going back to Nigeria was an experience that I didn’t know I needed. It forced me to mature faster and I came back with a new mindset and approach on getting things done. With regards to my music, the Nigerian culture and music that came out at the time – widened the range of music I now listen to."


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I created a range of outcomes, such as posters, t-shirts, an album cover and promotional Instagram posts and Spotify layouts.