Packaging Design

Lazy Scientist

Lazy Scientist is a hot sauce company based in Brixton, London, specialising in the creation of chilli-based sauces using only locally sourced ingredients from the sellers of Electric Avenue. 

The Brixton Reaper is a fiery hot sauce created with Carolina Reaper and Scotch Bonnet chillies - a homage to Lazy Scientist's hometown of Brixton with some serious flavour for those that like a little extra oomph in their sauces. 

Drawing inspiration from notable areas of Brixton's streets, such as the o2 Academy and the London Underground, combined with the sinister aura of the Grim Reaper, I wanted to create a sauce label that was both professional and playful. The illustration is at the centre of this design, with the colour scheme including blues and reds to represent the colours of the British flag, tying into the theme of London. 

Just like the Brixton Reaper, the Mango Reaper is created with Carolina Reapers for an extra throat sting, soothed out with the sweetness of mango.

Once again drawing imagery from the Grim Reaper, I wanted to keep consistency between the two sauces within the designs, so I kept to the same typographic layouts and illustration styles, changing only the colour scheme to one that I felt represented the sweet nature of the mango, contrasting the deadly feeling associated with the Grim Reaper.

Chip, Primo, Scotch and Dutch are Wing sauces, with Dutch being the mildest and Chip and Primo being the hottest. With this in mind, I designed a family of birds to bring the sauces together, with Chip being the elderly, wise father, Primo the rebellious oldest son, Scotch the cool middle child, and Dutch the baby.


Chip is a sweet, smokey, spicy BBQ sauce created using a fermented dutch base with lashings of Chipotle chilli goodness and smoked Jalapenos to give it a little extra kick.

Scotch is the bigger uglier brother of Dutch. This fermented wing sauce is made using delicious, fruity Scotch Bonnet chillies and Dutch Red chillies to give more fire. Spicier than Dutch, nowhere near Primo's level. 

For the design of Scotch, I envisioned a cool, relaxed and protective older brother, a role model to his siblings.

Primo is the rebellious sibling, created with an extra fiery lick of Carolina Reapers and Dutch Red Chillies.

As the hottest of the sauces, I had the illustrations represent the extra heat with a red colour scheme, as well as an angrier punk look for the character.

Dutch is the youngest in the family, created with Dutch red chillies and lashings of garlic. 

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