Catoctin creek x lazy scientist

Brixton-based hot sauce company Lazy Scientist have teamed up with Catoctin Creek Distillery to create three hot sauces for their 'Virginia Collection'. Each of the sauces have a reference to the Distillery's home town of Purcellville, Virginia.


"Ranger's Revenge" is inspired by the Loudoun Rangers - the only known squadron of Quaker militia in the area that surrounds Catoctin Creek. Although Quakers are well known for being pacifists these militia carried guns and protected their farmlands during the Civil War. 

"Virginia Hayride" draws inspiration from the infamous Hayrides that take place across the United States, particularly in states like Virginia. Hayrides are a traditional American activity that involve carts loaded with hay seats being pulled around on a tractor.


"Grandpa's Tabacky" is based on personal connections to Catoctin Creek's owners. "Virginia was once the largest tobacco producer in the world and there was nothing quite like the smell of my grandfather's pipe on a cool spring morning" says Catoctin Creek’s founder Scott Harris.